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E-commerce is growing at a rapid pace globally, the statistics show over a billion Internet users purchased goods through e-commerce websites. Despite positive attitudes towards latest technologies such as build on voice commerce, artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR) technology and the rich consumer experience that such technologies offer, adoption of such highly sophisticated technologies and usage to enhance the customer experience in e-commerce is rather limited or absolutely nil in certain sectors such as Computer components retail

Rich media content in the e-commerce context collectively defines any form of content that is an enhancement from normal text and static images and is designed to engage the customer visually and emotionally. This is where the importance and opportunities of augmented reality (AR) lies. Our analysis of adoption of AR for our business will be unique and will enhance the user experience. This innovative solution was developed with end users, resellers, distributors and manufacturers in mind. The unique challenge for e-commerce firms is to provide their online customers with the “try before you buy” tactile experience using rich media. This has increased with an increase in online customers with varied needs who are increasingly curious and demanding of visual and tactile simulation. Transformation of our business with a rapidly growing user base will evoke a strong compulsion to differentiate ourselves among our competitors and adopt creative methods to cater our clients. We will be exploring the potential of the rich media and particularly immersive content offered by augmented reality (AR) to provide enhanced intuitive interface and an enriching experience to clients, thus creating a new paradigm in the space of e-commerce.

We are not too far away from a time when large VR goggles are replaced by stylish glass frames or even compact lenses. VR and AR technologies are soon going to be part of our day to day life in the future which is why we have started developing a databased driven AR app that would allow design and build IT systems such as gaming computers, servers, networking switches etc with the help of VR and AR technologies.

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